Who have the freedom for women?

Recently, you would have noticed many crimes occurs under women, we are there in the world of many genders, but why  there are specific target on women?. These were the few questions raising in many people while reading the rape, gang rape and murder news on media, “does women are weaker gender in our society?

Who is women ?

Before knowing the answer, lets go back to the history where women is the leader of the crew in the stone age, she was respected, followed by plenty of men in the crew. But she gets weaker during her mensuration days, so she stayed in her place and let the man for hunt, where at her place she introduced agriculture by gardening and  planting vegetables, fruits etc.

This picture describes the troublesome of child marriage.

After days passed, she was forced to stay in the house for food preparation what man had brought for them, she did all the household chores for their happiness and well being, where man fell satisfied with her work and wanted it to be continued. So, she was restricted to get proper education and nearly house arrest. she was let to walk in streets with her face covered, she was made to get married in her childhood age and if her husband died she also forced to die in fire along with her husband. Generation passed this Sati system, Child marriage system was banned and treated as crime. But there are some villages in India where it is still continuing.

Who need to change ?

Even in some places Female infanticide is happening because the parents are afraid of having girl child, once it is for Dowry  but now it is for protecting her. Because most of the media now a days are working for their Target rating point (TRP). Lets take a family in the village wants to make their girl to study in the city or any of the colleges which is far away from their home and there happened to be a continues news on Radio, Television and Newspaper about the crimes happening around women like rape, murder etc. They would automatically will fear about their girl`s life because of those news and will start to believe them, Which will stop that girl`s dream. It is not that media should not showcase such kind of news, they must but they must also showcase the news of the women achiever and women who is making changes on the world.

Who is weak?

This picture represent the struggle on Women`s Justice

But again the question comes that why this target is only for women “Is her voice is not louder enough? or Is she is physically not strong enough?”, if we think the answer would be “yes” then we are fools, actually her voice is louder but she was suppressed by the society to talk smoothly  and not to talk louder”, she is physically strong enough to fight with anyone but she was taught not to fight from her childhood age and taught to forgive and sacrifice, she is bold enough to lead anything. so, we can see many female God who are actually the ordinary women in the early age who stood for healing the worries of the people surrounded by them. She is bold enough but again she gets struck with the society which force her to be calm.

But now, women are slowly getting their  freedom from home and making wonders in the society, but still because of few animals (living as human) makes her to fear on that path. I think no one than women can break this barrier but she still need the support of people like parents and family to stand for her and to understand her.

Who are we for this world?

We human are born for sharing things among us and let to sow the seeds for the future, every human should understand the importance of others in this world both as gender and as living creatures which will make the society to grow. Equality and respect should be there in their mind because women freedom is not something to be given it should be taken only by them.

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