So called different

8436514405_4f9ba2ccf2_o‘We all started our Diwali celebrations with joy and happiness. At this moment I recently met a person diagnosed with schizophrenia, an emotional disorder. I asked her to write her necessary things she needed for Diwali. She got a note and pen from me and started to write things not only for her but also for daughter and son. Her action gave me a new learning that in this society we all developed an attitude that mentally challenged person do not any have emotions as normal ones.’

I wonder why we people are failing to understand person with mental illness. Is it just because their actions are socially unacceptable? I asked this question to few of my friends and the answer I got is ‘yes, their actions are not acceptable’.

This answer gave me a shock, we so-called ‘normal ones’ each and every day do lot of unacceptable things like being dishonest, lying to others , we are hurting our loved ones, we are disrespecting everyone, we are humiliating our minorities. If all these things are socially acceptable, then the actions done by person with mental illness is also acceptable.

Our attitude towards mental illness and person with mental illness is very important. The reason why we cannot accept mental illness is our most important organ in our body ‘ Brain’ is affected. We are ready to forgive, forget and accept when our closed ones even after the hurt given by them. Similarly, we also need accept the person with mental illness and help them to empower their lives by proper medication and give them proper support and guidance and

We so-called ‘ normal ones’ struggling to balance our emotions, Mentally ill person do struggle even more to balance their emotions. We all are getting an opportunity to listen to our emotions but we are failing to give this opportunity of listening to mentally ill person.

October 10th,World Mental health day, on this day let’s start accepting and empathize with person with mental illness .if we see or come across any person with mental illness in road side, lets help them by placing them in mentally challenged homes and support them with the opportunity of listening.

We need to understand that mental illness is just like any other illness.

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